Cosmo Jarvis - Gay Pirates

Is the World Strange, Or am I Strange? The new album from Cosmo Jarvis, including Gay Pirates. Find out more on

Also click to get your free acoustic version of the song.

Music Video for the song 'Gay Pirates' by Cosmo Jarvis.
Video Directed by Cosmo Jarvis.

D.O.P Dan Broadley.

Production Assistant: Fletcher Jarvis.

Pirates: Dave Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Thomas Hannaford, Steve Jenner, Hugh Thompson, Aedan Jenner, Roan Jenner, Steve Johnson, Elliot Cook, Charlie Hannaford.

Lighting: Chris Roberts.

Art Direction: Rosie Hillier.

Additional Set Painting, Cosmo Jarvis, Fletcher Jarvis, Amy Stopperton.
Make-up: Robyn Egan.

Props: Oli James.

Additional Lights: Colly Collinson
Catering: Wendy Egan.

Plank by Harvey Chatter

Filmed in Holbeton Village Hall

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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